FliederkindHappy Ocean ManufacturingLimited Launch Edition out now!

Click on the playlist to listen to excerpts of the songs:

    "Beneath the Heavens" - the official video:

    Organic textures made with analog synthesizers, woven by people, not by computers; poetic lyrics that sharpen the view of the world with surreal surprise effects; a contemporary production that catapults sounds from 80s devices into the future: "Happy Ocean Manufacturing" is Fliederkind's amazing debut album, the latest project of two friends from Hamburg and Frankfurt. Playful and contemplative at the same time, the eight songs are pop in the best sense of the word - soundtrack for the daily commute through the city as well as soundscapes for a dreamy evening on the sofa, building blocks for the playlist of the next party and for the start into a new day. Fresh and authentic, the two Fliederkinder break conventions and present one of the most exciting synthpop albums of the year.


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